December 2020
Volume 36, Issue 3

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Equine Genetic Diseases Edward T. Earley, Robert M. Baratt, Stephen S. Galloway

A lecture on Equine Dentistry given by Dr Mike Lowder almost 20 years ago was titled “Who’s Floating Who?” At the time, the experts were mostly charismatic lay “Equine Dentists,” and the dental procedures being taught had not significantly changed, other than improved instrumentation, during the previous century. Furthermore, almost all of the procedures being performed at that time had no scientific basis. Some commonly practiced procedures did not correct the indicating problems, and some procedures were actually harmful to our patients.

2020 - Volume 36

August 2020
Equine Genetic Diseases
Robert J. MacKay, Editor

April 2020
Clinical Pathology for the Equine Practitioner
SallyAnne L. DeNotta, Tracy Stokol, Editors

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2019 - Volume 35

December 2019
Diseases of Donkeys and Mules
Ramiro E. Toribio, Editor

August 2019
Controversies in Equine Medicine and Surgery
Robert J. MacKay, Editor

April 2019
Clinical Cardiology
Colin C. Schwarzwald, Katharyn J. Mitchell, Editors

2018 - Volume 34

December 2018
Wound Management in the Horse
Earl M. Gaughan, Editor

August 2018
Equine Sports Medicine
José M. García-López, Editor

April 2018
Recent Advances in the Diagnosis and Management of Equine Gastrointestinal Diseases
Henry Stämpfli, Angelika Schoster, Editors

2017 - Volume 33

December 2017
Equine Ophthalmology
Mary Lassaline, Editor

August 2017
Orthopedic Disorders of the Foal
Ashlee E. Watts, Editor

April 2017
Equine Pharmacology
K. Gary Magdesian, Editor

2016 - Volume 32

December 2016
Advances in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques in Equine Reproduction
Marco A. Coutinho da Silva, Editor

August 2016
Geriatric Medicine
Catherine M. McGowan, Editor

April 2016
Rehabilitation of the Equine Athlete
Melissa R. King, Elizabeth J. Davidson, Editors

2015 - Volume 31

December 2015
Equine Neonatology
Pamela A. Wilkins, Editor

August 2015
Equine Pathology and Laboratory Diagnostics
Bruce K. Wobeser, Colleen Duncan, Editors

April 2015
Respiratory Medicine and Surgery
Sarah M. Reuss, VMD, DACVIM, A. Berkley Chesen, DVM, DACVS-LA, Editors

2014 - Volume 30

December 2014
New Perspectives in Infectious Diseases
Robert H. Mealey, Editor

August 2014
Emergency and Critical Care
Jeremiah T. Easley, Editor

April 2014
Standing Surgery
Vanessa L. Cook, VetMB, PhD, DACVS, DACVECC, and Diana M. Hassel, DVM, PhD, DACVS, DACVECC, Editors

2013 - Volume 29

December 2013
Equine Dermatology
Anthony A. Yu, Rod A.W. Rosychuk Editors

August 2013
Advances in Equine Dentistry
Jack Easley, DVM, MS Editor

April 2013
Topics in Equine Anesthesia
Guest Editor: Stuart C. Clark-Price, DVM, MS

2012 - Volume 28

December 2012
Advances in Equine Imaging
Guest Editors: Natasha M. Werpy, DVM; Myra F. Barrett, DVM

August 2012
Therapeutic Farriery
Guest Editors: Stephen E. O’Grady, Andrew H. Parks

April 2012
Ambulatory Practice
Guest Editors: David W. Ramey, DVM, and Mark R. Baus, DVM

2011 - Volume 27

December 2011
Clinical Neurology
Thomas J. Divers, DVM, and Amy L. Johnson, DVM

August 2011
Cell-based Therapies in Orthopedics
Guest Editors: Matthew C. Stewart, BVSc, MVetClinStud, PhD and Allison A. Stewart, DVM, MS

April 2011
Endocrine Diseases
Guest Editor: Ramiro E. Toribio

2010 - Volume 26

December 2010
Pain in Horses: Physiology, Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Implications
Guest Editor: William W. Muir

August 2010Advances in Laminitis, Part II
Guest Editor: Christopher C. Pollitt

April 2010
Advances in Laminitis, Part I  
Guest Editor: Christopher C. Pollitt

2009 - Volume 25

December 2009
Practice Management
Guest Editor: Reynolds Cowles

August 2009
New Perspectives in Equine Colic
Guest Editor: Frank M. Andrews DVM, MS

April 2009
Clinical Nutrition
Guest Editor: Raymond J. Geor BVSc, MVSc, PhD

2008 - Volume 24

December 2008
Surgical Complications and Management Strategies
Guest Editor: Laurie R. Goodrich DVM, MS, PhD

August 2008
Clinical Pathology
Guest Editor: Bruce W. Parry BVSc, PhD

April 2008
Performance Horse Lameness and Orthopedics
Guest Editor: A.M. Cruz

2007 - Volume 23

December 2007
Urinary Tract Disorders
Guest Editor: H.C. Schott II

August 2007
Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine
Guest Editor: D.W. Ramey

April 2007
Trauma and Emergency Care
Guest Editor: E.K. Sullivan

2006 - Volume 22

December 2006
Advances in Reproduction
Guest Editor: E.M. Carnevale

August 2006
Advances in Diagnosis and Management of Infection
Guest Editor: L.L. Southwood

April 2006
Medical Case Management
Guest Editor: J.M. MacLeay

2005 - Volume 21

December 2005
New Therapies for Joint Disease
Guest Editor: T.N. Trumble

August 2005
Neonatal Medicine and Surgery
Guest Editor: C. Sanchez

April 2005
Wound Management
Guest Editor: C.L. Theoret

2004 - Volume 20

December 2004
Infection Control
Guest Editors: F. Bain & S. Weese

August 2004
Guest Editor: T. Cutler

April 2004
Critical Care of All Ages
Guest Editor: P.A. Wilkins

2003 - Volume 19

December 2003
Therapeutics for Gastrointestinal Diseases
Guest Editor: S.L. Jones

August 2003
Guest Editor: S.E. O'Grady

April 2003 FREE
Respiratory Disease
Guest Editor: E.J. Parente

2002 - Volume 18

December 2002
Geriatric Medicine
Guest Editor: J. MacLeay

August 2002
Guest Editor: N. Messer & P. Johnson

April 2002
Pain Management and Anesthesia
Guest Editor: K. Mama & D. Hendrickson